Truffle Hunting In Germany

Watch this television report on truffle hunting in Germany:

Doerte Ulka Engelkes is searching for wild truffles in German forests together with her companion Ayk, a well trained truffle dog.

In Germany all species of wild truffles and edible or non-edible hypogaeous fungi are protected by law and may not be taken out of the soil, though Germany is rich of all kinds of truffles. Only a few truffle hunters get a special permission from the government to go on truffle search for gathering scientific relevant data. Doerte Ulka Engelkes is one of those rare legal truffle hunters: together with her Lagotto, she collected already more than 40 different species.


Film by MDR-Thueringen Journal, 15.08.2014
Author: Heidje Beutel
Camera: Reinhard Mueller
Editing: Dirk Gerhold

By courtesy of MDR!

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Audinfilm mediaproduction Goettingen

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Doerte Ulka Engelkes filmed four short films in german schools portraying the winners of the Jacob Muth-Prize 2017 / Bertelsmann Foundation

Camera: Dörte Ulka Engelkes
Sound: Ralf Großmann
Author: Ulfert Engelkes
Editing: Frank Hinrichs
Production: Engelkes-TV for Bertelsmann Stiftung