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Workshop on Video & Photography for Social Scientists

Anthropologist and Filmmaker Doerte U. Engelkes trains researcher of the ‘Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity’ in a 2 days workshop in September 2018 in basic skills of photography and video with DSLR and smartphones. Workshop ‘Visual Expressing’ for the Max-Planck- Research Group ‘Ageing in a Time of Mobility’ with Dr. Megha […]


AUDINFILM produced this film on new visual research methods for the ‘Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity’ (Goettingen). This short film gives insight into innovative forms of visualisation in social sciences and migration & diversity studies. Produced by AUDINFILM 2017 – Doerte Ulka Engelkes for Max Planck Institute for the […]

Truffle Hunting In Germany

Watch this television report on truffle hunting in Germany: Doerte Ulka Engelkes is searching for wild truffles in German forests together with her companion Ayk, a well trained truffle dog. In Germany all species of wild truffles and edible or non-edible hypogaeous fungi are protected by law and may not be taken out of the […]

NEW EBOOK: Truffle Hunting in Germany

The New Multimedia Ebook: Trueffel Suchen & Finden. Das Große Multimediale Lehrbuch Von Doerte Ulka Engelkes With this ebook you easily learn truffle hunting in 4 workshops with 6 training videos, you learn all important issues on truffle hunting in Germany, its rules and legal situation, you learn all about those truffles which occur in […]

New films by cinematographer Doerte Ulka Engelkes

Best Practice Examples: Inclusion in schools Doerte Ulka Engelkes filmed four short films in german schools portraying the winners of the Jacob Muth-Prize 2017 / Bertelsmann Foundation Camera: Dörte Ulka Engelkes Sound: Ralf Großmann Author: Ulfert Engelkes Editing: Frank Hinrichs Production: Engelkes-TV for Bertelsmann Stiftung