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Lecture: Audio – Visual Methods in Research

Lecture: Audio – Visual Methods in Research

by Doerte Ulka Engelkes, Anthropologist – Filmmaker

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Goettingen

In the seminar ‘Audio – Visual Methods as Research Tools’ contemporary settings of methodological approaches of audio – visual media in anthropology will be trained, tested and discussed.

The students will get an overview of the range of interdisciplinary methods. Selected dynamic tools such as Transect Walks, Guided Tours, Video-Logging and Participatory Videoing and Elicitation will be practiced as well as static tools like Interview Fomats, Photography, Sound Scapes, Video Mapping and the use of Audio-Visual Fieldnotes.

The practical part is focussing on exercises on social events in public spaces. Finally the students discuss their experiences of using audio-visual instruments in the context of individual research projects within a 30 minute presentation.

April – July 2015, Goettingen