Film team Goettingen Germany

The Rooster is Dead

For this 30 min documentary I did the camera work first ever; after that project I decided to learn the film skills professionally…

Film author: Doerte U. Engelkes, Heide Rutten
Camera: Doerte U. Engelkes
Editing: Ina Lohmann-Eggers, Christina Jaekel
Production: Doerte U. Engelkes/IWF 1991
34’min, Super-VHS

The Rooster is Dead – Decapitating Roosters at Haan

Rooster decapitation on the first monday is a feature of the annual Haaner Kirmes (circus in Haan). The dead rooster is hung feet-upwards over a basket. Blindfolded contestants are given a blunt sword and urged on by the crowd.